Planet of the Astronauts


Release date: January 14, 2022

Country: United States,

Planet of the Astronauts is a 2022 American comedy adventures movie, directed and written by Justin Souriau-Levine. Starring by Justin Souriau-Levine, Adil Chokairy, Roger Younger, and Emily Hobbs, the film set to premiere on January 14, 2022. The technical crew includes for music direction, Justin Souriau-Levine for cinematography, and Justin Souriau-Levine for editing. Check below for more inside information about Planet of the Astronauts . This page will put a light upon the Planet of the Astronauts wiki, cast info, release date, teaser/trailer, actors/actresses with their roles, controversies, trivia, shooting location info, rumors, lesser-known facts, and more.

Planet of the Astronauts Synopsis:

Justin Souriau-Levine Studio’s most recent production is a fun-filled adventurous comedy about three lovable astronauts who return to Earth after a failed mission to Uranus, and four years of being trapped in a black hole. They land in a deserted New York City, which they continuously explore; until they coincidentally discover other astronauts, who make them aware of the Covid Twenty-Seven virus and it’s subsequent pandemic. The newly founded international alliance of astronauts (and the commander’s love interest) aim to cross over to Europe, in search of an Italian doctor and his everlasting vaccine; in order to save humanity.

Planet of the Astronauts Wiki:

Title Planet of the Astronauts
Original Title Planet of the Astronauts
Type Movie
Genre Adventure, Comedy,
Release date January 14, 2022
Language(s) English,
Director(s) Justin Souriau-Levine
Writer(s) Justin Souriau-Levine
Producer(s) Justin Souriau-Levine
Music Director(s)
Cinematographer(s) Justin Souriau-Levine
Editor(s) Justin Souriau-Levine
Country United States,
Network Feature Film
Production Companies Justin Souriau-Levine Studios

Official Sites

Planet of the Astronauts Official Link Link
Planet of the Astronauts Instagram Instagram
Planet of the Astronauts Facebook Facebook
Planet of the Astronauts Twitter Twitter
Planet of the Astronauts YouTube YouTube


‘Planet of the Astronauts ‘ Cast Credits:

  • Justin Souriau-Levine as Tom
  • Adil Chokairy as James
  • Roger Younger as Calvin
  • Emily Hobbs as Lexi
  • Haitham Wahab as The Universe
  • Sébastien Freland as Sérafin
  • Leila Massenet as Jacqueline
  • Emmanuel Rouy as Jacques LaMachoire
  • Robert A. Levine as Fred
  • Beth Namiat as Jane
  • Marco Rosati as Doctor Gianluigi Materazzi
  • Chjara Varasteh as Nina
  • Marc Wahab as Miroslav
  • Laura Hausman as Hanna
  • Scott Widener as Steve Widebutt-Crack
  • Tracy Pogue as Sally
  • Richard Hausman as Anthony
  • Martin Cornu-Mansuy as Giacomo
  • Christine Serrano as Josephine
  • Solène Tomasini as Claire
  • Mia Rouy as Solange
  • Livia Rosati as Chiara
  • Fabio Rosati as Doctor Materazzi’s Son
  • Antoine Bonnefoy as Business Man
  • Bridget Felt as Masked Woman
  • Ronald Berenbeim as Father Nature
  • Jane Berenbeim as God
  • Mara Pierini as Doctor Materazzi’s Wife
  • Anne-Marie Bazzani as Spaceship
  • Magali Souriau as Vaccinated Woman
  • Anne Hobbs as Vaccinated Woman II
  • Remy Potaufeu as Vaccinated Man
  • Jérôme Souriau as Vaccinated Man II
  • Nadine Amrani as Vaccinate Woman III
  • Catherine Dumont as Vaccinated Woman IV
  • Bruno Dumont as Vaccinated Man III
  • Rosana Pierini as Vaccinated Woman VI
  • Perrine Mansuy as Vaccinated Woman VII
  • Alice Durand as Vaccinated Woman VIII
  • Emmanuel Cauchon as Vaccination Line Attendee
  • Nathan Manceau as Vaccination Line Attendee II
  • Anna Piarrot as Vaccination Line Attendee III
  • Max Le Brun as Vaccination Line Attendee IV
  • Eva Pires as Vaccination Line Attendee V
  • Maxence Saumon as Vaccination Line Attendee V
  • Nathan Corchia as Vaccination Line Attendee VI
  • Manon Cuisinier as Vaccination Line Attendee VII
  • Sophia Alaniz as Vaccination Line Attendee VIII
  • Elisa Poulin as Vaccinated Woman IV
  • Sébastien Tomasini as Vaccinated Man IV
  • Kathy Tomasini as Vaccinate Woman IX
  • Gabriela Florea as Vaccinate Woman X
  • Matheo Florea as Vaccinated Boy
  • Siloe Cornu-Mansuy as Vaccinated Woman XI
  • Léo Colin as Vaccination Line Attendee IX
  • Mathias Durand as Vaccination Line Attendee X
  • Adrien Descat as Vaccination Line Attendee XI
  • Yasmine Jernigan as Vaccination Line Attendee XII
  • Jane Hammond as Vaccination Line Attendee XIII
  • Molly Galke as Vaccination Line Attendee XIV
  • Kyle Salamack as Vaccination Line Attendee XV
  • Remy Loumbrozo as Vaccinated Man V
  • Paul Wells as Vaccinated Man VI
  • Elizabeth Wahab as Vaccinated Woman XII
  • Michael Hausman as Vaccinated Man VII
  • Ellie Tomasini as Vaccinated Girl

Trailer/ Teaser of Planet of the Astronauts :

When does Planet of the Astronauts premiere?

Planet of the Astronauts Movie releasing on January 14, 2022.

Where can I watch Planet of the Astronauts ?

Planet of the Astronauts Movie releasing on Feature Film.

Frequently Asked Questions!

  • What is the premiere date for Planet of the Astronauts ?
    Release date of Planet of the Astronauts is January 14, 2022.
  • Who is/are the director/s of Planet of the Astronauts ?


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